The Zaky / NICU Staff

The Zaky is the only device that single-handedly properly supports any position (sidelying, prone, supine) while providing a family-centered environment.

The Zakys may be used in any number of ways to position and comfort, calm, console and reassure the neonate:



Our On Behalf Of Zachary (OBOZ) Program:
- 50% discount to parents/family of hospitalized babies that buy our products for personal use
- we also match donations of our products to hospitals

Donna, an experienced NICU Nurse
from Iowa explains how she uses
The Zaky to provide developmental care,
prevent flat-head shaping,
and describes how it helps parents.
Click here for some instructional videos.

Barbara Weaver, one of the Principal Investigators presents the research about The Zaky.
The ground breaking results include significant
improvement in self-regulation and the
significant decrease of apnea/bradycardia
in preemies 24-38 week gestation. More

The TODAY SHOW from NBC presents the inspiration and story of how our company started.