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Family – Centered Care

Parents, especially the mothers, are the only source of comfort and security for the newborn.

The Zaky™ and Kangaroo Zak™ are the only products that effectively and consistently provide evidence-based care, and that involve the family in the care of the baby. They are the best example of the ability to provide sustainable and consistent results, based on the concept of care centered on the family's warmth, love, combined with proper developmental care. 

Our main goal is to ensure that babies and families have the best possible quality of life for a lifetime by:

  • Supporting neurobehavioral organization and physiologic stability of the preterm infant.
  • Improving maternal breast feeding outcomes and confidence
  • Reducing infant and maternal stress
  • Supporting family centered care
  • Supporting effective parental intervention
  • Reducing unscheduled interventions and disruptions
  • Realizing all the benefits of Kangaroo Care in a consistent, safe, and effective manner.

There is evidence of the importance of the family's involvement, love and care and we support it with our ergonomically designed products.