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What professionals say about the use and effectiveness of the Kangaroo Zak.

Watch Mary Coughlin, RN, MS, NNP (the author) explaining
why they chose the Kangaroo Zak from Nurtured by Design.

Here are the results of a Kangaroo Care implementation Quality Improvement Project in 4 hospitals in Portugal.

In the December, 2015 issue of the Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews is the article about the effort of implementing kangaroo care in Portugal. The wrap they used is the ergonomically designed Kangaroo Zak made by Nurtured by Design, the makers of The Zaky.  We are raising the bar and humanizing the care of babies.

The Sobreviver Project (Survive)

Other hospitals that use the Kangaroo Zak as their standard of Care for kangaroo care include Loma Linda Children's Hospital, Mayo Clinics, Albany Regional Medical Center, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Wake Forest and Brenner in North Carolina, REX Healthcare, and many more! 

As a NICU nurse who sees every day the benefit of Kangaroo Mother Care and the closeness it brings to mothers and infants, I love the Kangaroo Zak. It keeps babies safe and warm and where they belong: close to their mamas. The Kangaroo Zak is modest enough to wear in the unit (and can be additionally covered with a gown if mom prefers) and opens for easy placement of fragile preemies and babies who are hard to carry due to tubes and wires. I wish I had hand one when my babies were little. The Kangaroo Zak is comfortable and so very practical. I love them!
Additionally, the Zaky are wonderful for developmental support and positioning. I've seen moms get attached to them and say, "my baby really likes this." Moms seem to find them comforting. We find them so useful. Thank you for your thoughtful and useful products! I would give them to every pregnant mom if I could.
Umber - RN in a NICU in Texas


"I LOVE IT!!!! It is so much easier to hold skin to skin -- I could hold my baby all day with it. The baby is snug and secure. At times I would get up and tend to my other baby when I had one in the Kangaroo Zak.

A. Griger – mother of twins