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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions / answers in this section are only opinions or guidelines and should not be taken as medical advice. Nurses should consider the condition and size of home patient when making decisions regarding use of the Zaky.


1. How do I scent the Zaky so it smells like me?

Place the Zaky around the back of the neck for a couple of hours, or even better, sleep with it directly on your chest so the Zaky acquires your scent to soothe your baby even more. One drop of your mom's perfume or dad's aftershave also work well. By scenting it, the baby feels mom/dad around and it soothes him/her even more. Any loved one can scent the Zaky to feel closer to the baby or more involved in the care of the little one – mom, dad, grandparents, foster or adopting parents, siblings, etc.

2. Can I leave the Zaky in the crib with my baby?

In hospitals: Yes! The Zaky is used even in very controlled environments like the Intensive Care Units since they are supervised by a healthcare professional constantly. The Zaky is great to bring to the hospital when your baby is born. Scent it with your own scent and help your baby when he/she is on the bassinet next to you or give it to the nurse when the baby is taken to the nursery. This way you give your baby your hand with your scent and the nurse can use it to support and position the baby. Your baby is not alone. It also helps with the transition to going home, as the baby smells and feels something constant from birth. For sick babies, the Zaky comforts them so they can rest and use the calories to get well and not to look for protection. The same Zaky fits all children, from premature babies that weigh less than one pound to healthy babies and toddlers, to children with special needs, and sometimes even adults!

For babies at home: The Zaky is made to provide the baby with the optimum environment where s/he feel protected, comfortable, well positioned, and close to his/her parents. Babies from 0 to 6 months are unable to position and/or comfort themselves and it is proven that the Zaky helps them get calm, relaxed, and hence, fall asleep easier.  Once these babies fall into a deep sleep, the Zaky is removed and used when the baby wakes up again.  The Zaky assists with the transition from womb to world, and then to different environments. We do not recommend to leave the Zaky in the crib after the baby is asleep, unless is recommended by the baby's physician, and this is assessed in an individual basis.  For babies and toddlers older than 6-8 months old, the Zaky may remain with the child at night.  

3. Can I bring it to the hospital if my baby is hospitalized?

Yes.  If your baby is at the NICU, visit our section for preemies. The Zaky was originally designed for a premature baby that remained 5 months hospitalized.  Research has been done at a NICU and the nurses rate the Zaky in the top 3 items in terms of effectiveness in comforting and supporting the babies.  Whether your baby is premature at the NICU, or hospitalized for a procedure or emergency, the Zaky is fantastic not only to comfort your child, but it is also a favorite item for the nurses as it helps them in positioning and giving comfort to your baby.  Is like leaving a hand with your baby when you cannot hold him/her.  Look at our recommended uses at the NICU/PICU. 

4. My maternity leave is almost finished, how does the Zaky help if I am not there?

The Zaky is great when you have to leave your baby with someone else - at the childcare facility, when it stays with a babysitter, or goes to visit the grandparents. The Zaky will provide a constant and familiar support giving your baby a sense of security. It also assists the caregivers on positioning the baby and the baby will feel and smell mom. Ask your caregiver to look at our "Recommended Uses" so she/he gets familiar with the Zaky. If you can, scent your Zaky when your baby needs to go with someone else.

5. I am a new father/mother and I cannot be there with my newborn child. Can the Zaky help?

If you must go away for a long period of time, leave a Zaky and a loving note to your wife/husband that says something like: "I am leaving my hand so our baby feels my touch until I return..."  And don't forget to call..! 

6. I live away from my new grandchild, how does the Zaky help?

It is difficult sometimes for grandparents to be away from the children.  Send your scented Zaky to your daughter/daughter-in-law with a note saying something like: "Here is a hand that can help you until I can be there to do it personally." Or with a note to your grandchild saying something like: "This is for you so you can always feel mom/grandmom around."  

7. Isn't the Zaky too heavy to place over a baby?

No. It is just right.  The Zaky weighs approximately 1 pound and it is also used at Neonatal Intensive Care Units for babies that weigh less than one pound.  By shifting the filling to the "forearm", the weight of the "hand" is controlled depending on the size and the condition of the infant.  Bigger babies need more weight, and the user can decide how much weight to place on the baby. 

8. How do I wash the Zaky?
The Zaky is fully washable without disassembly, and it comes with its washing bag.  Just place it in the washing bag, in the washer, then the drier and it is ready to use again.   If you don't have the bag available, you can also use a pillowcase or a regular washing bag.  Make sure you protect the Zaky by washing it properly.  Use warm water and low heat for the drier.
Use the washing bag to store/bring soiled Zakys, and the vinyl bag to store/bring clean Zakys.


9. What is the Zaky made of?

The Zaky is made of 100% anti-pilling soft micro-fleece and the filling is an antimicrobial material.  There is a lining of 100% polyester that has 2 reinforced seams. It makes it soft, extremely safe, and it contours to the shape of the baby.

10. Up to what age the Zaky works?

The Zaky works with any baby, children, or adult that needs a hand for comfort or support.  It is great with positioning and for safety. As the Zaky simulates the size and feel of a medium sized woman’s hand, there is only one size Zaky (right/left hand) that helps everyone.  

11. Can it be used with pets?

The Zaky was designed for humans, so we do not recommend using it with animals unless it is used under very controlled environment (Zoos, Vet Clinics, etc). The Zaky is not a toy and it should be used under constant adult's supervision.

12. Can I warm the Zaky?

Yes, placing it in the drier or in a towel warmer for a couple of minutes can warm the Zaky. The Zaky is safe to use directly on the skin of the baby.


13. How does the Zaky help with my baby's posture?

It provides support to the shoulders, hips and legs on the stroller, swing, bouncy chair, etc. or when lying on the side, prone or supine.  The most comfortable position for your baby is when the spine is straight or in a fetal position.  Babies do not have the ability to position themselves, so use the Zaky to provide help and comfort.  In the carseat, support the baby by placing it on the sides of the baby to provide support and protect the spine.  Keep away from the face.

14. Can I use it in the car seat, bouncy seat, strollers or the swing?

Infant car seats are designed for babies that are up to 22 pounds, so the new born baby will be too small for the seat.  Use a pair of Zakys, one on each side of the baby to support from the shoulders to the hips to the legs with the forearm and the hands touching the feet.  In the car seat, for safety reasons, do not use it under the baby or as head support as the car seat comes with a crash-tested head support.
It can be safely used in strollers, swings and every place that the baby is sitting up to reduce the strain on the spine.

15. Why are boundaries to important for babies?

Babies are warm, protected, and cozy in the womb. When they arrive they like to feel those boundaries and that is one of the reasons the babies rest better when a hand is placed on top.  Towels and blankets help but they do not provide the weight and support of the Zaky. 

16. How can I use the Zaky?

The Zaky imitates your hand to comfort and position babies.  It is therapeutic, and you may see the Recommended Uses for preemies and/or sick babies and for healthy babies.

17. Can the Zaky help the older siblings of the new baby?

Yes. You may get the older siblings involved by asking them to scent the Zaky by placing it around the back of the neck for a couple of hours (children should not sleep with it without supervision). They will feel they are helping and reduce the feelings of being left away from the process. Mom can also leave a scented Zaky with them when she's going to deliver.


18. Is this product ready to use right away, or does it need to be washed first?

As with any product such as towels, clothes, etc., we recommend to wash it prior to give it to a baby, kid or adult.

19. Where do I buy a Zaky?

Visit our Store Locator. 

20. Do you ship to international destinations?

We can deliver your order to any international destination. The delivery charge for your order will be shown on the delivery details page.


International deliveries may be subject to import duties and taxes, levied once the products reach their destination. Any such charges must be borne by you and are beyond the control of Zakeez. All packages may also be subject to opening and inspection by local customs officials and therefore Zakeez cannot guarantee the condition in which the package may arrive.

For further information please contact your local customs office. 

21. Is there a difference between the right and left hand Zaky?

There is no difference for the baby. We offer right and left hands because is better to use a pair of Zakys per baby – so it looks more natural to have a pair than to have 2 lefts or 2 rights when they are used simultaneously.

22. How long will the scent last once I wear it?

The scent will last a couple of days - until the next wash.  If you can sleep with it, the scent will last longer than if you only scent it for a couple of hours.

23. How often should I "rescent" it?

Every time the Zaky is washed we recommend to scent it again.  If scenting it every time is not convenient, you may use the Zaky without scenting it. Your baby will love the soothing touch and the boundaries.  The scent will make it even more effective, though.