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What is The Zaky, Instructions, Warnings, Features

Contrary to popular believe, crying is not "normal" during the first three months of life. In fact, according to experts, crying is detrimental for a newborn. In addition, babies only develop their brain when they are sleeping. The Zakys provide an ergonomic environment where not only newborns cry less, but they also sleep more (normal is about 18-20 hours a day). That way they spend precious calories to grow and develop the brain."

- Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE

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What are The Zakys?

ZakysThe award-winning Zakys are only evidence-based developmental care devices for neonates and are ergonomically designed to simulate parental intervention (shape, soothing touch, weight, and warmth of the hand and forearm). They help parents and professionals provide the most comprehensive and effective support to the physical, physiological, psychological and neurological development of the newborn, regardless of size, medical condition, or developmental stage from birth to toddlers.

The features of the Zaky are unmatched:

  • The Zakys are the only evidence based developmental support device in the world: They are the only devices with clinical evidence that suggests significant decrease apnea/bradycardia and significant improvement in self-regulation and stress behaviors. In fact, the babies using the Zakys Maternally Scented had ZERO apnea/bradycardia events in this randomized clinical research.
  • Comprehensive care: a pair of Zakys virtually replace all positioners, transitional items, nests, bonding items, and soothing devices. The Zakys are ergonomically designed to help provide comprehensive physical, physiological, psychological, neurological developmental and family-centered care to neonates ensuring the best possible quality of life (for a lifetime) and an effective inclusion of the baby into his/her family. All without medication/stimulants, invasive procedures, or expensive equipment .
  • Individualized, and constant level of care for every baby, regardless of size, age, medical condition, or developmental stage.
  • The shape is familiar and therapeutic: hand/forearm that weighs 500 grams.
  • Multipurpose design: for every developmental stage, medical condition, size, and position.
  • Its universal size: equivalent to a woman's medium size hand and forearm, the same size is used for every baby, regardless of positioning, size, medical condition, age, and/or developmental stage. No need for small/medium/large or light/medium/heavy.
  • Ideal for any position: the same Zakys help with prone, sidelying, supine position
  • Ergonomic design researched and developed for 3.5 years before releasing it to the market. Invented by a PhD in ergonomics engineering.
  • Bolster Support: place the Zaky vertically with the hand on the top, and fold the hand to make a firm but flexible roll
  • The most effective transitional device: To help babies with the transition from hospital to the house, to the grandmothers' house, to the babysitter, to the mall. They need continued developmental care at all times. The healthcare professionals must train the parents to correctly use the Zakys in the car seat, to continue providing developmental care during wake periods, and the "back-to-sleep program", as they teach any other intervention to be performed at home. Up to 6 months of age, the Zakys must be used under constant supervision and not left in the crib unless otherwise instructed by the pediatrician.
  • Adjustable weight to use on the top of the baby: from the weight of the fabric for micropreemies to 500 grams for toddlers.
  • Fully Washable: includes the washing bag - wash/dry without disassembly.
  • Recyclable: wash, scent, and reuse.
  • Scent of the parents by placing them directly on their skin (chest or behind the neck) for at least one hour or all night.
  • Warm and soft: place the Zakys in the towel warmer or dryer to get it warm.
  • Infection Control: many hospitals that have zero incidents of infections use the Zakys as standard for developmental care.
  • Soft and soothing material: antipilling microfleece immediately is soothing for the baby.
  • Safe materials: the filling is made out of a special type of plastic in the shape of smooth plastic micro-spheres that are antimicrobial, antiallergenic, antifungal, washable, quiet, and do not get hot under a heating source.
  • Quiet operation: filling is quiet when the Zaky is moved.
  • Family-centered device: made by a mother to help her cope with her son's hospitalization. The baby feels the presence and love of the mother and father constantly (helping with strengthening attachment/bonding), even when they are not present and they, in turn, feel more confidence and secure to perceive it as an extension of them that contributes to the 24/7 development of the baby. Parents leave the scented Zakys with the baby at all times (scent it by placing it on the chest or behind the neck for at least one hour)


Each Zaky Package includes: Lime, Cream, Gray, Rose, Sky Blue Right and Left
  • 2 Zakys: Left and Right hand of the same color
  • Two washing bags
  • Instructions/Information
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How do you use the Zakys?

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Nurtured by Design supports without reservations the American Academy of Pediatrics "back to sleep program".  Ask your pediatrician for information about the Zakys.

A pair of Zakys are virtually all you need to provide effective and ergonomic developmental care to newborn babies as they may be used in any number of ways to position and comfort, calm, console and reassure the baby:

The Zaky can be positioned around the agitated or restless baby to provide containment, and promote hand-to-mouth activities. Containment will reduce overall energy expenditure and oxygen consumption, and encouraging hand-to-mouth activity will enhance development of the neurological system.

scent itThe best results are achieved when the Zakys are scented by both parents: One by the mother, as she is the only known source of security, and the other by the father, the new and effective source of security. Scent them by placing them on the chest or behind the neck for at least one hour (or all night).

Colic or fuzzy babies: Warm the Zaky a couple of minutes in the dryer and place it accross the lower tummy.

Tummy time: place the Zaky perpendicular under the baby's chest to lift and help developing the shoulders and arms to crawl.

Babies of 6 pounds can use the entire weight of the Zaky over the body. Select the weight for smaller babies by shifting the filling of the Zaky.

Pregnant? wash and scent the Zakys before the baby is born and use them at all times when the baby arrives and is not being held (yes, including in the hospital).


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The same Zakys are used in any position, providing nesting, boundaries, containment, the parents' scent, and it virtually eliminates the need for swaddling, and replaces all positioners, transitional items, bonding/attachment devices, and soothing/sleep aids. One universal size is used for every baby independent of size, medical condition, age, or developmental stage. They are the only clinically proven to significantly decrease apnea/bradycardia events and significantly improve self-regulation.


Babies only develop their brain while they are sleeping, thus the importance of providing an soothing environment for them to be able to reach deep sleep.

The Zakys virtually replace all prescribed positioners, nesting devices, bonding/attachment aids, transitional/therapeutic items, non-pharmacological pain/sleep aids, and soothing devices.

  • Do not use The Zakys on the face.
  • Adjustable Weight: Displace the filling of the Zaky so that the weight on the baby is selected according to his/her size. For example, babies weighing 600 grams need only the weight of the fabric (displace all the filling by holding it vertically by the hand; or displace the filling from the middle of the Zaky) Infants of 5-6 lbs can take the entire weight of the Zaky.
  • Wash/Dry the Zakys in the washing bag provided. Warm them in the dryer or towel warmer.
  • Do not use The Zakys for any other purpose other than the ones recommended by the manufacturer.
  • As with any other intervention to be performed at home, staff needs to ensure that the parent is proficient and knowledgeable about developmental care and the use of the Zakys.
  • Do not leave baby unattended when using the Zakys at home.
  • For babies younger than 6 months old and at home, the Zakys must no be used in the crib and must be removed once the baby is asleep and/or when the baby is unattended, unless otherwise recommended by the pediatrician. Reasons some pediatricians may recommend the Zakys to stay with the baby include: the baby is not sleeping (thus not developing the brain), waking up too much, has colic, experiences separation anxiety, is getting a flat head, must sleep on the side, etc.


The Zakys In a Nutshell

For support when the baby is held in Kangaroo Care, visit the Kangaroo Zak

Manufacturer (*) Nurtured by Design®
Product Name (*) The Zakys™
Purpose comprehensive, multifunctional, developmentally supportive and family-centered care
Product Name: The Zakys™
Full Body Support
Positioner For Prone
Positioner For Supine
Positioner For Sidelying
Positioner For Nesting
Positioner For Under The Baby
Positioner For Over The Baby
Positioner For Side of The Baby
Positioner For Away from The Baby (i.e., Help Holding Equipment, etc)
Evidence-Based Device for Developmental Care
Product Name: The Zakys™
Any Clinical Evidence?
Clinical Evidence That Suggests Significant Decrease Of Apnea / Bradycardia (28-34 Weekers)
Clinical Evidence That Suggests Significant Increase Of Self-Regulation In NICU (28-34 Weekers)
Ergonomic Design
Product Name: The Zakys™
Designed by a PhD in Ergonomics Engineering
3+ Years Of Ergonomics Engineering Research And Development Before Introducing to Market
Provides Constant Level Of Care
Same Universal Size Provides Individualized Care From Birth To 12 Months and beyond
(no need S/M/L/XL or Light/Medium/Heavy, etc.)
One Universal Weight That Can Be Adjusted Depending Of The Size Or Condition Of The Baby
May Be Used With Other Developmental Care Devices
Continuity and Constant Level of Care: Same and Only Device Needed To Support Every Developmental Stage and Medical Condition, Eliminating Margin of Error Due to Product Selection/Availability
Containment Without Restraining Movement
Containment Without Excessive Baby Manipulation
Instant View Of The Baby's Entire Body (From Head To Toes)
Immediate Access To The Baby With Minimal Disruption
Converts To A Pediatric Bolster (Firm Yet Flexible Roll for Back Support)
Familiar Shape and Design For The Parents
Extra Pair Of Hands for Parents and Staff
No Metal Rods, Straps or Wings That May Create Pressure Points
Adjust The Firmness Of The Device To Provide Extra Support
Made To Be Warmed In Dryer Or Towel Warmer
Quiet Handling (No Velcro Or Noisy)
Support and Containment Without Restraining Movement
Designed To Work Standalone
Effective Quality Control for Positioning
Constant Level Of Care - Individualized Developmental Care
Product Name: The Zakys™
Everyday Use Regardless Of The Caregiver in Shift
Same Device to Support Individualized and Comprehensive Developmental Care Regardless Of Baby's Size, Medical Condition, and Developmental Stage
NIDCAP friendly (Recommended by International NIDCAP Trainers to Provide Individualized Care)
Family-Centered Care
Product Name: The Zakys™
Parental Involvement - Made For Parents To Easily Learn How To Use
Made To Encourage Parental Learning and Intervention
Made To Simulate Parental Intervention
Made To Help Calm The Baby And Mother During Transport And Admission
Helps Reduce Parents' Separation Anxiety and Stress 
Made to Keep the Scent Of Both Parents
Bonding Aid
Made To Be An Extension Of The Parent That Stays With The Baby
Attachment Aid
Provides Neck Support For The Parent during Kangaroo Care (While Scenting Them)
Designed To Comfort Parents During Baby's End-Of-Life / Palliative Care
Made So Parents Continue Effective Developmental Care After Hospital Discharge
Multi-Functional, Multi-Purpose
Product Name: The Zakys™
Transitional Item
Effective with Narcotic-Dependent Infants
Assists Baby's Upright Position in Car Seats, Bouncy Seats, Strollers, Etc.
Comforting and Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Device
Made For Home And Hospital Use  
Soothing/Therapeutic Item
Effective Staff and Parent Training
Product Name: The Zakys™
Intuitive - Very Short Learning Curve By Professionals
Intuitive - Very Easy for Professionals to Teach Parents How To Use
Parents Continue Developmental Care With The Same Product At Home After Proper Training
Training Concentrated On Developmental Stage Of The Baby Not On How To Use What Combination Of Tools 
Infection Control
Product Name: The Zakys™
Washable Full or Parts
Includes Washing Bag
No Disassembly Required
Management and Supply Chain
Product Name: The Zakys™
Reduced and Minimized Inventory
Reduced and Minimized Overall Storage Space
Always the right device is available
Simplified Ordering Management
Simplified Supply Chain
Simplified Training and Quality Control
More Accurate Forecasting and Planning
Simplified Logistics
Simplified Procurement
Multifunctional, Multipurpose Device Used By Every Patient in the NICU To Provide Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Family-Centered Developmental Care.