Parent of Hospitalized Babies
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We Redifine the Meaning of "Parenting" in the Hospital

"25 years ago NICU technology was the center of the universe and the baby was in the background with no mother. Now, the Mother (Father) and child are the center of the universe and the technology is in the background" Dr. White

Parents are no longer "VISITORS" feeling impotent and experiencing high rates of depression. Parents are critical caregivers that are imperative in assisting the baby's growth, healing, and development.

Research shows that babies that are actively cared by the parents heal and are discharged from the hospital faster. The Zaky™ and Kangaroo Zak™ are the only products in the market that successfully have involved thousands of the parents in healing their babies around the world (and around the clock) based on the concept of care centered on the family's love and warmth while they are backed by evidence, science and ergonomic principles. 

Everything that happens (or doesn't happen) in the NICU affects the development of the baby and parents are the voice and advocates of the baby to assure the best possible result from being in the NICU. Survival is not an enough outcome anynome.

Here are some examples:

  • If we don't provide soothing and loving touch to the baby in the hospital, and every time he's touched is followed by pain caused by a medical/nursing intervention, then the baby grows up associating touch with pain and will have trouble with human touch and interaction for the rest of his life.
  • If we don't provide soothing containment, babies will stress when they move so they stop moving and using their joints and muscles that are important for development.
  • If the ankles are positionined wrong, the baby might walk on the toes when he starts walking. Many musculoskeletal malformation of preemies may be caused by poor positioning in the NICU, since the baby is born without muscle tone. Nurses must teach the parents on how to position the baby with the Zakys, depending on the individual developmental stage of the baby.
  • Babies and Mothers help to regulate each other.
  • By providing simulation of the parent (scent, touch, warmth, weight) with the Zakys, the baby will not loose the bonding that is natural of newborns with the mother, plus we introduce the father's scent at birth.
  • If parents are not present (or simulated), the baby feels abandoned, anxious, depressed and will not thrive. This is called "Hospitalitis" which is a Hospital Induced Emotional Disorder
  • Parents that cannot be care providers of their babies have more incidence of psychological disorders
  • Separation of the baby from the baby can have a negative impact for all three for the rest of their lives
  • Preemies have 5-7 times more probability of developing psychological disorders than healthy newborns and it is thought to be due to sleep deprivation in the NICU.

By holding the baby skin-to-skin with the Kangaroo Zak, and using the The Zakys™ at all other times, you successfully give the baby 24/7 sound developmental care in a family-centered environment, even when the parents are not present.

Our products are currently used in more than three hundred hospitals and clinics worldwide, stepping up the standard of care for NICU babies and healthy newborns, and giving the perfect transition from hospital to home life.

Your and your baby's right is to receive evidence-based medical care, and it is no different for developmental care. It is very important that the developmental care of your baby is not left to the personal preference of the nurse (what products she wants to use.) The Zakys are the only device in the market that have evidence in significantly improving self-regulation and significantly decreasing apnea and bradycardia - meaning that it improves sleep and in its turn, brain development.

(Dr Berns) "Parents should be allowed to stay with the baby during painful procedures"

(Dr. Browne) Developmental care has become and expected standard in many NICUs.

(Dr. Jackson) Nobody ever says "I think I spent too much time with my preemie in the NICU today"

(Dr Howse) "Role of parents is VITAL in the NICU"